A Message from the Board of Directors

Dear Members and Friends,
Extras for Creative Reuse is struggling terribly.

We are 3 months behind on rent and have other expenses mounting.  We fear we will not be able to keep the doors open without a very large influx of donations or grant funds.

We have decided we cannot in good conscience continue to sell year-long memberships.  Existing memberships are valid, of course, but instead of selling new ones we are now offering “by the bag $25” and “day pass $50” options.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take advantage of all the wonderful materials available while we decide what to do.

Hours are Wed-Sat 10am-3pm.


* Angel donors that can contribute $1,000 or more immediately.

* Power developers that can solicit similarly or exponentially larger donations of money from businesses, matching gifts, foundations.

* Grant writers that can find grant opportunities and jump right in and run with submitting a grant.

* Letter writers that can draft a fundraising campaign letter and spearhead the campaign.

Please email our Treasurer at jill.libby@crrcpa.com.

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