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Extras is a not just a place to get reusable materials, it’s a community. It’s a place to be inspired, to share ideas, and to create. -Jocelyn Almy-Testa, Executive Director




Our mission is to stimulate creative learning and help children awaken their creative potential in education and play through the use of reusable, recycled, and surplus material.


Extras’ main programs include¬†the Imaginarium (free store), Fabulous Finds (fundraising store and member gallery,) our Waste Reduction program, and Extras Abled.


Inspired students are led by inspired teachers, parents, and community program instructors. The Imaginarium is a place where adults and children not only receive free materials, but also play, network, share ideas, and inspire one another.

Fabulous Finds

Find fabulous vintage, brand new, and lightly used, rare materials for a small additional administration fee in our Fabulous Finds store and gallery. Our gallery will soon host exhibitions of members’ work to inspire and highlight the work created with materials from the Imaginarium.

vangoghWaste Reduction Program

The three R’s, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, are listed in order of ascending environmental impact. For those who are looking to reduce waste, after an initial reduction of producing, reuse is the first go-to option, before recycling. Manufacturing left overs and by-products, overstocks, commercial shwag, product samples, and reusable art, office, and school supplies are collected by our Big Blue Truck, or donated by individuals, then redistributed to our membership through the Imaginarium program. Through this program, we are able to divert over 250,000 pounds per year from landfills and incinerators, while proving over $1.5 million dollars worth of materials to local educational, community, and culture based organizations, including the over 150,000 children served by our members.

As a 501(c)(3), Extras offers tax deductions for collected materials, and helps keep companies in compliance with the Massachusetts Waste Ban, offsetting our nominal pick-up fee. To learn more about our Waste Reduction Program, click here.


Extras relies heavily on its volunteers, which includes our ExtrasAbled volunteers. Members of our ExtrasAbled corps include organizations which serve autistic, and developmentally disabled teens and adults. We also work with families that include autistic adults who are looking for a welcoming place where they have purpose and are appreciated for their abilities.