Material Donations
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Help keep the 35 year legacy of Extras community impact going strong into the future for the next generations! There is a need, there is a way, and now we need to wipe the slate clean and build for our future. Extras’ financial need is immediate and real. Please give as much as you can today and help us keep moving forward.

It costs us approximately $1 for each child that we reach with materials. How many children would you like to help today?


$25.00      Sponsor a shipment of materials for an average classroom

$100.00    Cover the cost of a teacher’s classroom membership

$250.00    Keeps a truckload of great materials, like binders, poster board, and art supplies, out of the waste stream.

$500.00    Pay for a day of operations so teachers can come and shop for free

$1000.00  make 6 pick-ups and save 4,700 cubic feet of material from going into a landfill (about 6 classrooms filled floor to ceiling)

$3000.00 pays our rent for a month

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Extras for Creative Reuse Tax ID number is 04-2688287 Extras is a 501(c)(3) organization