Tell us how you celebrate EARTH DAY! – Join the celebration too

Earth Day 2017 is just a few days away. Stop by the center for FREE gift bags and a fun day of recycling, reusing and reducing!


Are you:

  • Cleaning up your town?
  • joining a walk?
  • Doing a recycle fest?
  • Making art
  • Making a statement?

Share your plans on our Facebook page.

We want to acknowledge our awesome members.

We had a great crowd at the recent ribbon cutting to officially “open” the shop at our location 58 Pulaski Street Peabody, MA


This is some of the goodies we have available for you this week:

Join us for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

We are celebrating our new location and community in Peabody.

extras for creative reuse in Peabody Ma

Please join us on: 

  • Wednesday, April 19th 3PM
  • 58 Pulaski St, Peabody (rear entrance)
  • Light refreshments
  • Gift bags
  • Got questions? 978-587-3758
  • Note the shop will not be open for shopping on that day to prepare for the festivities.

Mark you calendars and join the creative community in celebrating the grand opening of the recycling center.

Until then please visit the shop and share the news with all your teachers, artists and creatives.

Here are some recent items in the shop:


New Materials

For up to the minute updates of materials, follow us on instagram!

Extras has treasures for local Artists

Extras for creative reuse supports a whole community of artists and creative people. I am one of those artists.


Extras is a rich community of people, energy and stuff.

It is more than just STUFF! But the stuff is what drew me in at first.

If you are new to this recycling community, then here are the basics:

  • Extras takes in overstock, unwanted samples, supplies, industrial fodder, books, papers, tiles, fabric, wood, caps, lids, office supplies and oh so much more.
  • Members get to take what they want for their own, artwork, classrooms, and studios
  • Through this program, we are able to divert over 250,000 pounds per year from landfills and incinerators, while proving over $1.5 million dollars worth of materials to local educational, community, and culture based organizations, including the over 150,000 children served by our members.

Extras for Creative Reuse Peabody MA

To become a member just stop by the new location:

  • 58 Pulaski Street (rear entrance)
  • Peabody, MA 01960
  • 978-587-3758

shop for non members

Store hours:

  • Wednesday 10am -5pm
  • Thursday 10am -5pm
  • Friday 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday 12pm -5pm
  • Sunday – Tuesday : CLOSED
  • Closed most holiday weekends

I have been a member for a few years and have become a volunteer. I look forward to each week.

There is always something new with plenty of art making possibilities.

stuff in store this week at extras

a few of the treasures in the Extras store this week

I am a mixed media printmaking and My blog is called Printmaking without a Press. I am all about finding ways to make marks with out needing a printing press.

Extras is filled with such printmaking tools.

READ on If you are:

  • a mixed media artist,
  • a teacher
  • printmaker
  • fiber artist
  • art workshop leader
  • found materials sculptor

There are tools in every nook and cranny of the Imaginarium, Huge Room filled with STUFF with potential. All Free for members.

I have used:

  • Carpet squares to cover my art studio
  • Foam core to insulate my studio windows
  • Rolls of paper to make window shades
  • Roll of plastic to further insulate my 22 windows
  • Extension cords and plugs to keep things going
  • Funky chairs for my desks
  • Paper for art projects and printing
  • Office supplies for filing and making stencils
  • Wood for shelving
  • Wood and boxes to make a vendor’s booth
  • Shoe Boxes for storage
  • Pillows for recovering
  • Dried flowers for still life arrangements
  • Envelopes for a big promotional mail campaign
  • And the list goes on

BUT my favorite finds are the uniques one of a kind things for making interesting marks on paper and fabric. I call these stamping and brayering tools.

They are anything that could make an interesting mark in a thin layer of ink. I use them in combination with the gelatin plate for making monotype prints.

found object mark making tools

These are things like:

  • tile samples with raised texture
  • old film reels
  • Floor samples with dot patterns
  • Wall coverings samples with swirly designs

Most recently I used a shoe and flooring and wall samples to monoprint on fabric.

creative printing tools


I even found the white fabric and recycled the pillow from Extras.

pillow printed with found tools


I would invite you to join Extras and start creating today!


Linda Germain printmaker and teacherThis has been a guest blog post by Linda Germain, Printmaker and Teacher. She shares lots of techniques and ideas on her blog.As a gift to Extra’s Fans, you can get the more information and the FREE gelatin printing plate recipe here. And start making magnificent monoprints of your own.

New Materials 11/17/16

In Progress!

We had hoped to be open by this week, but as it is in every move, we ran into obstacles – broken ribs and a myriad of other staff and volunteer injuries due to the move, worker schedules, summer vacation schedules, broken elevators, etc.

We have received a ton of phone calls, and can’t possibly answer them all, so please know that we are doing the best we can to create an amazing center for you to get what you need!

We do not have a specific date to open – we are dependent on the availability of volunteers as we are a two person staff. Please be patient and watch your emails.

We promise, it will be worth the wait!

BOGO – Summer Program Stock Up!

Free candle with any purchase from our fundraiser store!

More Great Items!

We get over 2000 pounds per week of materials like these!
Your donation helps us to keep these resources available to teachers and students, and keeps them out of the landfills!

Mosaic artists! Lots of colorful tile in now!

A photo posted by Extras for Creative Reuse (@extrasreuse) on

Sorry, just the boxes, but they have cool dividers in the them!!

A photo posted by Extras for Creative Reuse (@extrasreuse) on

Not to Miss New Materials!

Material update / Moving info /Renew Early and Get Your Next Visit Free!

Leaving Lynn is tough. We have been here for five years and have loved our neighbors down the hall. Things happen. Let’s chalk it up to that and move forward with this exciting adventure.

Our new space is at the Mills at Pulaski. This community of Reusers includes three buildings, four floors each building, chock full of artists, upcycles, vintage dealers and more. Extras will now be a part of a destination, rather than a diamond in the rough. Will will be on the first floor as well. No more stairs or elevators.

Moving is a ton of work, and as you know, we have tons of stuff. this is not going to be easy, and not going to happen in a weekend. We will be coordinating ourselves over the next few weeks and reaching out for help.

New Warehouse Space, before

Moving is also expensive. For one, we have to fix up the space before moving in! The landlords are putting in new windows, heating, and basics, but we need to fix the interior to support our organization, and inspire you! Making a donation of any size goes along way to help us Move Forward! To make a donatin, click here:Moving Forward!


New Store Space, before

Or, come in to our Lynn location and renew your membership early. We will tag it to your current membership, and give you a free visit when you renew!

Meanwhile, please keep coming to Extras! In April, we got our huge Earth Day donations, and with the warehouse space loss, and the slow testing weeks, we are full, full, full! Now is a good time to sneak over and get your fill of stuff!

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